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Surviving the New Tax Landscape
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Surviving the New Tax Landscape with Smart Savings, Investment & Estate Planning Strategies will prove to be indispensable because it directly addresses the new Tax Landscape that we have all been dealt. These are difficult times for all Americans and this special report will spell out for you in plain-English what changes you should make now to protect what's yours. Keep your money growing through this crisis, the next crisis...and the one after that. Year after year we face new crisis: the Dot-com market crash, real estate bubble and sub-prime mortgage crisis, financial meltdown, European debt crisis, increasing damage from natural disasters, a structural funding crunch in the federal government and so on. What's next? For one thing, it looks like taxes will increase, in part to subsidize promised entitlements as well as reverse a trend toward unsustainable outlays and debt. Increasing complexity is on the way as well. The tax code grows more and more complex every year - now compounded with the new healthcare law. Finally, you can expect ongoing market volatility with so much uncertainty persisting around the world and at home, along with the potential of lower yields in some seemingly safe investments. That's where this book comes in. Surviving the New Tax Landscape is designed with these questions in mind to help you decide how to avoid pitfalls and come out ahead. Design your portfolio for both downside protection and upside potential. Here's what you'll discover in this book: * The real facts of the 'fiscal cliff' tax law * Why your kids and your parents are your best tax shelter * What to do if you have a TSP Roth conversion option * How to lock in tax-free income from your retirement plan * How to keep the IRS from challenging your old tax returns * What you must do to deduct an in-home swimming pool * Secrets of increasing college financial aid for your kids * Solutions to the five kinds of investment risk * How to buy stocks without paying a broker * Turbo-charged margin investing without margin calls * Where to find double-digit cash flow in low-yield times * Hedge funds without high minimums or steep fees

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